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Pitch Kozmotis Black sat in his study, signing paperwork and going through bills. The silence, as always, started to bother him. He lived in a mansion deep in the woods, just off of Sweden. There was a tribal community nearby, along with a town or two, but too far for any noise to travel. It was almost always snowing there, but the cold never bothered him. He was an alpha, and mage of darkness after all. He tapped his pencil a few times on his desk. The noise did little to soothe him. He sighed and sat back in his chair, letting his pen roll off the table.

There was a knock at the door. “Sir?”

“Come in.”

One of his maids poked her head in. “Your evening supper is almost ready.”

“I’ll be down in a moment.”

The maid nodded and closed the door behind her. Pitch stood from his desk and flung open the side door to his second-story patio. The winter wind made its way in, fluttering his hair and the papers behind him. He stepped out onto the snow covered wood and set his palms on the chilled railing. The silence of the snowy night was far more comforting than the silence of his empty home. Pitch closed his eyes and breathed in the frosty air.

His nose twitched and his eyes snapped open. He took an even deeper breath than before. There was a whiff of something in the air. It smelled just like the winter air around him, but... there was a hidden warmth there. The smell of earth, the smell of rain, cinnamon and peppermint. Pitch’s eyes dilated, and he released a sigh, his hot breath twirling in the air. Oh. This was the smell… a smell he’d been waiting for his entire life.

An unclaimed omega on the cusp of heat.


“-and that’s when the beast POUNCED!”

Mary let out a squeal as her brother jolted her with his hand. She covered her mouth, embarrassed. “Jack!”

“Sorry, Mary, I couldn’t help myself.” Jack giggled, leaning backward before he winced, hissing in pain.

Mary sat upright from her bed on the floor. “Jack? Jack, are you okay?”

Jack opened an eye and smirked at her. “Oh, oh Mary it hurts! The fear I’ve inflicted on you… the guilt is eating me alive! Forgive me!”

Mary rolled her eyes and flopped back onto the bed. “Yeah, right.”

Jack swallowed and set the book down he had been reading to her. His face seemed a little flush. “Seriously though, I think we should stop there. You should get to bed.”

“Aw, but Jack! It was just getting good! Please?”

Jack smiled, leaned down, and kissed her forehead. “Sorry, sweet tooth. I’m getting tired. And you know we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.”

Mary gasped, her eyes blown wide. “The northern lights? You’re really taking me to go see them?! TOMORROW?!”

Jack put a finger to his lips and winked at her. “Sh, yes, first thing in the morning. I’ve got some packing to do, so you need to sleep if we want to get there faster.”

Mary squealed and lunged forward, hugging her brother. “I love you, Jack!”

Jack hugged her back. “I love you, Mary. Now get some sleep. I’ll be here to wake you in the morning.” He tucked her in and turned off her lamp, bringing his own out of the tent. As soon as he closed the tent door, he doubled over, breathing heavily.

Jack wiped sweat from his brow. There was snow all over the ground, and the sky was empty of clouds. Even as a frost-user, he should be abnormally cold. But all he could feel was heat. Jack glared at his bare feet. He was even melting the snow beneath him. Morning couldn’t come soon enough. He needed to pack. He needed to get him and Mary out of here as soon as possible.


Jack looked up, spooked from his thoughts. He held up the lantern to reveal a giant burly man with a white beard. Chief alpha of their tribe.


The man looked Jack over, his usually jolly face was deeply serious. “Jack, your first heat is coming.”

Jack bit his lip.

“All alphas in our village are bonded, Jack. Even me. You know an alpha can smell you a mile away. Whoever comes for you tonight will be an outsider. A complete stranger.”

Jack felt his anxiety settle in. “I know.”

North looked pained. “When they claim you… it will be their right to take you away from here.”

“They can’t do that.” Jack started to panic. He looked amongst the tents, homes, and stables of his village. He felt more snow melt around him. He was so angry. “They can’t just take away my family.”

North somberly glanced down at Jack’s flat abdomen. “…Which is why they’ll provide you with a new one.”

Jack clenched his fist. He felt sick.

North placed a comforting hand on Jack’s shoulder. “I’ll take care of Mary for you, Jack. One day, she will understand.”

Jack wasn’t looking at him. His breath quickened and he suddenly took off, fleeing into the woods.



Jack didn’t know how long he ran, or how far he even was. His legs were shaking and his breathing was labored. Everything was dark, but the full moon’s pale light bathed the clearing of the woods in light. Jack soon came upon a lake and dropped down into the snow by the bank. Could he freeze himself inside and wait it out? Deciding that was too risky, Jack started to dig, recovering foliage and dirt from beneath the snow. He started rubbing it on his legs, arms, hands, neck, and knees- anywhere he could reach to mask his scent.

It was futile.

The sound of a horse’s shrill whine echoed within the trees. Jack felt his breath quicken. He could smell it. He could smell them. The alpha that’s come for him. Jack’s eyelids droop and he feels his body go lax for a brief moment. He immediately covers his nose and tenses, getting to his feet and fleeing.

Jack hears the horse trotting through the snow from behind him. He zips past the trees, cursing himself for forgetting his staff back in his village tent. He didn’t have a weapon. Suddenly, the horse’s movement stops and all goes quiet. Confused, Jack turns around and sees a black horse without a passenger. Jack blew out a sigh of relief. It was just a horse that was chasing him?

Jack felt long arms encircle him from behind and his breath hitched. He gazed over his shoulder to see a slender, crazy tall alpha towering over him. His eyes were a bright glowing gold and his smile was wide and charming. “Hello there, little omega.”

Jack pushed his way out of the alpha’s arms and continued to run. The man laughed behind him. “Oh I love a good chase! Playing hard to get, are we?”

Jack felt anger at the condescending tone, but was confused when he realized the man wasn’t chasing him. He glanced behind and found the man had disappeared. When he returned his sight forward, he gasped and slid to a halt. The alpha emerged from beneath the shadow of a tree, cast by the moonlight. He was shrouded in black, and still smiling wide as he gently approached the omega before him.

Jack snarled. This alpha was a shadow manipulator. Jack swiped his arm upwards, casting ice shards at the man. The alpha ducked, looking back at the icicles embedded into the tree’s wood behind him. He turned back to Jack in awe.

“You’re an ice mage?” His sharp, toothy grin widened. The man looked genuinely happy. Elated, he rejoiced. “Oh, the powers our children will inherit…”

Jack's breath hitched as Pitch advanced on him, backing him into a tree. “Don’t be afraid dear. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Jack mustered up all the courage he could and glared. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Pitch smiled. “Maybe not. But you are afraid of something.”

Jack started to gather his magic in his palms, waiting to strike. “You think so, huh?”

The alpha laughed. “I know so. You’re afraid of leaving your old family behind.” Pitch trailed his fingers down the side of Jack’s face. “Fear not, Jack. My seed is potent, and you’ll never want for anything under my care.”

Jack went to strike at Pitch, but his arm was caught in a fierce grip before he could destroy the man’s pretty face. Pitch cooed at him, mocking comfort. “I know what it’s like to long for a family. To long for an omega at my side.”

Jack swallowed hard, flushing a deep blue.

Pitch leaned in and scented Jack’s neck, mesmerized. “But that’s not all. Your deepest fear, worst of all… an alpha claiming you… breeding you and caring for you… you’re afraid you might like it.”

Jack shivered. His heart was beating a mile a minute. He couldn’t process anything the man was saying when he was scenting him like that. He was too close. Jack blamed it on instinct, he couldn’t help it. He took a deep whiff of the alpha’s rustic scent that reminded him of coffee, paper, and licorice. It did him in. His legs felt like jello and he whimpered, feeling slick gush from his hole. He looked down at his pants. There was no mistaking now as he felt his temperature rise. His heat was in full swing.

Pitch felt his co*ck stiffen as he too gazed at the omega’s crotch. He felt his head cloud with lust. He too was unable to resist the pull of his biology. He licked his lips and leaned forward, pressing Jack further against the tree, and kissed him. Jack’s eyes rolled back and he moaned, wrapping his arms around Pitch’s shoulders, reeling him in. Pitch licked his way into the frost-mage’s mouth, caressing his sides.

Pitch f*cked his tongue into the omega’s mouth, earning another whimper. Suddenly, the omega went slack in his arms. Had Pitch not been holding him, he would have collapsed in a heap on the ground.

Pitch put his arms beneath Jack’s legs and hoisted him up bridal style. Jack’s eyes were closed and he was panting. He was flushed and sweaty, like someone who had a terrible flu. Pitch didn’t want his omega to suffer any longer. He whistled, summoning his horse to his side. He mounted the horse, keeping Jack maneuvered in his arms.

“Onyx, dear. Bring us back to the mansion.” The horse neighed and took off, going as fast as it could without jostling the two riding her. Fifteen minutes went by, and Pitch was finally able to smell his home over the potent smell of the young man in his arms. Jack whined.

“Sh, we’re almost there, darling.”

The omega leaned up into him, smelling his neck. Pitch felt his pupils dilate. His erection ached. It didn’t help that his omega was sitting in his lap. The bouncing movement of Onyx caused the omega’s bum to rub against his member, causing a delicious, mouth watering friction. Pitch wanted to burn the layers of fabric separating them. He cannot leave his omega unclaimed any longer.

Onyx rushed over, coming to a stop at the front door. Several maids and butlers had awaited him outside. Pitch unmounted Onyx, sliding Jack off the seat and carrying him bridal style once more. A maid took hold of the horse’s reins and led her away towards the stables. Another opened the front door for Pitch as he walked up the short staircase of the front porch.

Pitch didn’t even glance at them. “Do not disturb me for the rest of the night.” They bowed their heads in silence.

Pitch busted his way into his bedroom and laid the Omega down on his bed. Jack opened his eyes in a brief moment of coherency and looked around. Despite noticing earlier the mansion’s gloomy black exterior, the interior is actually white. Silk sheets, wooden floorboards, plush pillows, gold framed artwork, several stacks of books throughout the room. His heart fluttered. It all smelled like the alpha.

Pitch reached down to the omega’s belt and untied it. The pants, right at the crotch, were soaking wet. Pitch lifted the young man’s lower body off the bed to slide the pants off, exposing him. Pitch wrapped his hands around the omega’s ankles and spread his legs. As his soft thighs parted, the smell of the omega’s c*nt permeated the room. The look of it alone has Pitch salivating. The red lips parted and slick gushed from his hole, dripping out of him like honey and staining the bed beneath him. Pitch shivered with delight. He was painfully hard, as was his mate-to-be’s smaller, adorable co*cklet that stood upright; red, and leaking.

“Omega, darling, tell me your name.”


“Jack…” Pitch whispers, as he leaned down right over Jack’s sex. He went further and plunged his tongue inside of Jack’s puss*, tasting the fluid there. Jack gasped and moaned, another gush of slick leaked out of him. Pitch widened his jaw, sticking his tongue further into the omega’s c*nt, licking and sucking up whatever substance he could. His mouth was soon full, and he swallowed, consuming it. The taste was heavenly. The sweetest dessert he'd ever had. “So sweet, darling.”

Pitch stiffened his long, piano player fingers and scoops up a glob of slick. With his other hand, he undoes his pants and rubs himself up, slathering himself in the substance.

Jack watched with wide eyes, feeling anxious anticipation course through him.

Pitch noticed Jack’s expression and paused, chuckling to himself. “I'm getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?” He wiped the remaining slick on his shirt before unbuttoning it, tearing it off, revealing a bare chest.

“Now it’s your turn.” Pitch said, looking down at Jack patiently.

Jack glares at him, feeling that rebellious streak in him rise up again in a brief moment of lucidity.

Pitch licked his lips. “Oh, you’ll be singing a different tune by the end of the night, dearest, I assure you.” He leaned closer, using his commanding alpha voice. It sent a deep vibration throughout Jack’s bones. The man’s fearsome eyes locked with his. “If you don’t want me to tie you to this bed and leave you in here until you are begging, crying out for me to return to you, you will have that shirt off in under twenty seconds, love.” Pitch got up from the bed, standing tall with his back facing Jack. While stripping his pants, he started to count down. “Twenty… nineteen… eighteen…”

Jack ogled the man’s bare ass before his attention was pulled around to the other side of it. As the alpha stripped his pants, his erection was freed, bouncing briefly before standing tall. An impressive girth and terrifying length. Even the lower scrotum seemed rather large. But it didn’t matter how big the alpha’s co*ck was. An omega’s body was designed to adjust. To stretch, to take it all. Jack had never been so turned on in his life.

“Ten… nine… eight…”

Jack startled, remembering he needs to be doing something. He started unbuttoning his shirt. But he’s fumbling; shaking.

Pitch turns around. Jack looks up in a panic. Pitch shakes his head with a smile and straddles Jack, tearing off his shirt, the buttons clanking to the floor. Jack looks at him in shock.

“Forget the shirt. Your tight clothes compliment you now, darling. But that will hardly be comfortable nine months from now, besides...” Pitch reaches over, gently placing a hand over Jack’s empty womb. Jack’s breath hitched. “I’ll buy you new ones in your maternity.”

Jack stared at Pitch’s hand. His breath hitching again.

Pitch’s eyes darted over Jack’s body, seeing all the mud and leaves smeared on his skin. “One moment, dearest.” Pitch reached out for a pillowcase and water near the bedside, dampening the material and wiping the omega down, cleaning him of any smears. Jack closed his eyes and frowned, his body still aching with painful need… but his alpha was touching him so gently… It felt so nice. Pitch finished wiping him down and cast the cloth to the floor and smiled. “There we are.” He pointed his long fingers, slathering them in Jack’s sweet syrup once more. “Has anyone slept with you, darling? Pre-heat?”

Jack covered his mouth with the back of his hand and shook his head. Eyes wide at what is about to transpire. He whimpered, feeling another brief wave of pain course through him.

Pitch leaned over him, his voice going soft. “My omega is so resilient , so brave. It’s alright, darling. I’ll be gentle. I promise.” Pitch leaned down and pulled Jack’s legs apart. In turn, spreading the lips of his puss*. Jack tenses, breathing fast. Pitch leans down over him and shushes him. “Relax, relax omega.”

Jack feels his body soothe, but his heart is still wild. Pitch’s eyes narrow and he leans in and kisses Jack. He leans Jack’s head back and continues to kiss him. Slathering his tongue on his lips, pushing inside. Jack’s own tongue meets him. He suddenly felt something weird, an intrusion elsewhere. He broke apart the kiss, realizing Pitch’s fingers were already inside him. He gasps at the feeling. The alpha had distracted him.

Pitch kisses him. “Put your head back.” Jack does as he’s told. Pitch sits up onto his knees. “Ease your shoulders. Good, good boy.” He starts to thrust. Jack’s face is uncomfortable and confused. It feels strange. Pitch circles his fingers, finally finding the omega’s sweet spot. Jack cried out as it was hit.

Pitch praises him. “Yes... sweetling, I'm adding a third.”

Jack arches off the bed. It feels so good now, but he knows it's not enough. It's not what he needs. He’s starting to lose himself. “A-alpha-”


“P-Pitch, please. It aches, it's not enough.”

Pitch “Oh darling, you poor thing. How long have you been in pain? How long have you waited for a knot?”

Tears formed in Jack’s eyes, looking away. His face was completely flushed. Hours. Nearly a whole day. He could barely read to Mary coherently, it was so painful. He wanted- he needed-

“Fear not, I’m here. Do you want me, Jack? Your Alpha’s co*ck?”

Tears streamed down Jack’s face, and he wiggled his hips, trying to get friction, trying to get anything. “Pleaaaassseeeee,” he whined.

Pitch smiled, his pupils dilating. He licked his lips and pulled out his fingers, adjusting himself. “I'm right here, Jack.” White slick dribbled over the swollen head of Pitch’s co*ck as he lined it against the folds of Jack’s puss*, right beneath his co*cklet. Pitch rolled his hips before sliding inside. Jack threw his head back and howled. Pitch felt the head breach Jack’s cervix, just the tip, but it felt amazing. He was panting hard, his face flushed and eyes dazed. “I didn’t know that- ha, an ice mage could be this warm… oh, Jack, I could get addicted to you.”

Jack was hyperventilating. Oh gods. Pitch was HUGE. He was so deep. Gods- gods- the ache- the ache was finally being soothed. “Gods, Pitch, please move-“

Pitch started to shift his hips, thrusting back and forth as he pounded Jack into the bed. The bed was creaking, the wood and metal straining from the force.

Jack’s arms were scrambling, trying to hold onto something as sinful moans tumbled out of his lips. Gods, it felt so good. Pitch shifted Jack’s legs to hang over his shoulders as he leaned in closer, f*cking him ever deeper.

Jack mewled as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, drool dribbling down his chin. Pitch huffed out a laugh, moaning at the sight of his omega enjoying himself so much. “Feel, ah, good?”

Jack nodded, unable to respond coherently as he continued to moan from the pleasure. Pitch was so elated. This giant mansion has been so lonely. Now, now with his omega at his side, together, they’ll fill this mansion with pups. Children in every unused room. He'll never be alone again.

Pitch felt himself tear up at the intensity as the smell of their sex started overwhelming the room. He shouted aloud as Jack’s insides squeezed him too tight, desperately trying to milk him. The slap of skin on skin accompanied with the wet squelching of Jack’s slick which now soaked the lower bed… it was delicious. His omega was so tight, so warm, so perfect. Pitch moaned, deep and low. He was getting close.

On a particular harsh, deep thrust, Jack’s eyes snapped shut and he shouted, exposing his throat. Pitch felt his mouth salivate, staring at that pale neck. He opened his mouth, revealing his canines, and bit his omega, marking him. Jack shouted as he came, small strips of sterile cum spurting from his co*cklet and onto his and Pitch’s bellies.

Pitch could feel his knot swelling at the base of his co*ck. He started shifting his hips, maneuvering it inside. Jack's breath hitched, he could feel it expanding, he felt- oh- oh he was so FULL.

“You ready, Jack?” Pitch whispers into his neck, breathing a mile a minute. “Here it comes.” Pitch shouts as his knot bursts, cum gushing deep into Jack’s fertile body. Jack gasps, incoherent and unable to control himself. He doesn’t even realize when he bit into Pitch’s neck, returning the mate mark.

Jack can feel it. He can feel his insides fill to the brim. Betas can expect pups from each other a few weeks after insemination if they’re lucky, but an alphas knot can fill an omega’s womb in minutes, pregnancy inevitable, pregnancy… instant. He could feel it. The egg inside him, surrounded. Jack was suddenly hypersensitive, he can feel everything. He could almost see it. He was breathing heavily, his body was a live wire, even after his org*sm. Pitch is holding him. He’s whispering something to him, but he can’t focus-

They’re piercing the membrane- Pitch’s hot, steaming sem*n- penetrates the egg and wiggles its way inside. Jack convulses, his entire body is on fire. He shouts, screaming himself hoarse as he seizes. Pitch his holding him down, a hand in his hair.

The sperm settles inside, breeding him. His mind and womb pur in delight. org*sm after org*sm. Aftershocks of pleasure course through his body as he goes completely pliant. He can hear himself panting as though he just ran a mile, whimpering, relieved from his heat but his body… still burning.

Pitch is shushing him, petting his hair. “Sh, sh, you did so well Jack. So well.” Pitch is rubbing his long fingered hand over Jack’s belly. Jack could already feel his fever slowly cooling down; he was suddenly very sleepy. Pitch kissed Jack’s forehead and positioned him onto a pillow, tucking him in. “You should rest. I’ll get you some food and water in the morning.” Pitch smiled down at him. “Welcome to your new home, Jack.”

Jack felt his eyelids droop, and everything went black.


Jack woke up alone. He sat upright and hissed, feeling a dull pain in his lower back. He supposed it was nothing in comparison to what he had felt yesterday, but it would definitely be problematic. It will weigh him down for the next few days. He looked over to the patio window. He could see from the slight parting in the curtains that the sun wasn’t up, but the horizon was starting to lighten. Jack took off the cozy blankets and found himself all sticky. He used the already soiled sheets to wipe himself down, then stood. He glanced around the room and spotted a bathroom. He grimaced. He doesn’t have time for a shower.

He scavenged the room, looking for his clothing. His shirt is destroyed, torn in two. His pants were still damp, covered in slick. The alpha would find him too easily. Jack was relieved his brain seemed to be back in working order. The omega side of him was panicking, distraught at leaving their nest- er, the bed… distraught at leaving the alpha. But Jack was more than his biology. He had priorities and his alpha wasn’t one of them. He rummaged through the closet and wooden drawers, pulling out a black shirt, trousers, and jacket. They were far too big for him, but he made do. He snatched his old belt from off the floor, keeping it tight on his waist as he hitched up the pants so he wouldn’t trip in his escape.

While stealing the alphas clothes was… embarrassingly intimate, it was also quite genius. Now that he was covered in the alpha’s scent, the alpha would have difficulty distinguishing his location. It also calmed his omega side, surrounded by the smell. It wasn’t fool proof, but it would buy him some time.

Jack rushed over to the balcony door and opened it, letting in a gust of wind. It tickled his hair, greeting him as though checking to make sure he was alright. He smiled at the sensation. Jack took hold of the railing, and looked back into the empty room behind him, hesitant. He made up his mind and turned, jumping over the railing. He cast some magic into the air around him. Snow started to fall. He fled towards his village, hoping the snow would cover his tracks. He had a sister to find.

Two hours later, Pitch knocked on the door and opened it, coming in with a tray of breakfast in hand. He was wearing a black bathrobe, looking clean and well rested. “Jack? Are you hungry?” There was no movement from the bed. Pitch sighed and walked over, sitting on the bedside by the lump covers. “I know, moving in and bearing an alpha’s children… it’s very sudden for you, I’m sure it’s a little scary.” Pitch smiled again. “But worry not, dear. There is much excitement to plan here, in your new home. Once you’ve eaten a little, let me give you a tour.”

Still no movement. He didn’t sense any fear from Jack either. Was he still asleep? Pitch reached over to lift the covers. “Jack, the cooks are excellent at their job. You should have a taste of your porridge.” Pitch lifted the covers. The bed was empty. Pitch stood, the breakfast platter clattering to the floor. A breeze rustled Pitch’s hair, and that’s when he realized the patio door was slightly ajar. He rushed over, opening the doors and looking out from the balcony. There were footsteps in the snow, running from the mansion. They were extremely faint and the falling snow would soon cover them completely. Pitch’s fingers clenched the guard railing, his black nails extending into sharp digits as his anger rose. He screamed into the morning; the shout echoing for a mile, scaring every animal in sight.



“He’s gone.”

Pitch seethed. He got off his horse and approached North, Alpha of Jack’s tribe. Several other betas, alphas, and omegas stood behind him, watching the scene unfold.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Pitch stalked forward next to North’s face, showing teeth as he growled. “You cannot conceal him from me!”

North glared and crossed his arms, standing his ground. “It's illegal to mistreat one's omega.”

Pitch reeled back, insulted. “Mistreat my- how dare you! I have done nothing but provide for him. I have given him a home. I gave him comfort. I gave him food. I gave him children!”

North’s eyes narrowed.

Pitch held his head high. “He’s just getting cold feet. He is an ice mage after all.”

North and the others behind him didn’t like Pitch’s joke, continuing to glare at him. Pitch’s eyes flickered down to the scabbards at North’s sides. He knew the sabers inside were sharp, used to slaughter a hunt. Pitch glanced behind North, taking in the villagers. He was outnumbered, but he could take them in battle if he wielded his shadows well enough.

Thankfully, his power over fear-reading had set aside any battles at hand.

“Is this alpha going to start a fight?”

“I saw them leave… He took his sister. He looked a little panicked.”

“To flee up north with so little supplies. Will they be okay?”

“Jack’s heat… did he flee from an abusive alpha? Can we take him back legally?”

“Our tribe shouldn’t follow these rules! It’s unfair!”

“Where are they going? Will they ever come home?”

Pitch took in a deep breath, recognizing Jack’s scent in the air. Pitch turned and climbed back on top of Onyx. He took the reins and looked down at North. “He may have been your ward once, but he is now an omega. He now carries my child, and he will return to me.” With that, Pitch took off. Onyx releasing a shrill cry into the winter air.


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