Can the LCS be SAVED? / New Fearless Draft is AMAZING by Power Spike (2024)

Can the LCS be SAVED? / New Fearless Draft is AMAZINGIWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss big changes coming to the LCS, LEC results, Karmine Corp vs MAD Lions KOI, SK and BDS going 3-0 in the opening week, Fearless Draft in LPL and other leagues, and more!Jun 11, 202401:26:12LCS Roster Drama / Why Riot actually did a good job at MSIIWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss LCS roster drama at Dignitas with exYu and Spica, FlyQuest's decision to bench Jensen for Quad, strong performers at MSI, TES on fraud alert, the best events in League of Legends history, the backstory on Last Free Nation's live event at Worlds 2022, and more!May 22, 202401:19:46FlyQuest Fly Back Home / APA Will Get CREMED?!IWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss live reactions to MSI results and group draw, FlyQuest getting upset by PSG Talon, Fnatic almost falling to GAM, the fraudulency levels of LOUD and FlyQuest, upcoming MSI matchups of G2 vs T1, Team Liquid vs TES, Gen.G vs Fnatic, and BLG vs PSG, Perkz stepping down, and more!May 05, 202401:23:39Inspired TOO MUCH for LCS Fans? / Faker Admits Dom was RIGHT?!IWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss reactions to dGon's interview with Inspired, League of Legends lane swaps, DDoS attacks against T1, LPL and LCK Playoff results, and more!Apr 10, 202401:41:35What NOBODY Mentions about LCS / Cloud9 FUDGED the PlayoffsIWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss Playoffs in all Major League of Legends regions, Cloud9 failing to meet expectations, BDS and Fnatic in LEC, the LCS Spring 2024 Split + an unfortunate truth about the state of the league, and more.Apr 03, 202401:35:21YaMaTo wAs ThE PrObLeM / Fudge NEEDS to goIWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss the KC's continued dismal performance in LEC, the level of concern for G2 after this past weekend, whether Fudge and/or Vulcan should remain at Cloud9, and Playoff previews for LPL, LCS, and LCK.Mar 27, 202401:48:11MAD Lions look like WHAT?!? / Peanut SMASHES T1 / LCS Playoff PredictionsIWDominate, MonteCristo, and dGon discuss the LCS Playoffs, Immortals' strange firing of Coach Sharkz, MAD Lions looking fraudulent in Spring after reaching the LEC Winter Finals, predictions for which teams will reach MSI, and more!Mar 20, 202402:03:51Smolder is RUINING Pro Play / Our SPICY LCS All-Pro RostersIWDominate, Monte, and dGon discuss the first week of LEC, Smolder in pro play, Riot Games and their handling of champion design and balance, offline drafting in pro play, KDF and NiP on fraud alert, LCS Playoff and awards predictions, Doublelift drama, and more.Mar 13, 202401:50:52MILKYWAY is the FAKER of 2024 / EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE at Team HereticsIWDominate, Monte, and dGon compare T1 Faker to FPX milkyway, discuss roster changes at Heretics in the LEC, share their favorite LCS teams to watch, rank the top teams in the world, and more!Mar 06, 202401:32:23Riot's Balance Team on FRAUD ALERT / State of the LCSIWDominate, Monte, and dGon discuss the recent problems caused by Riot Games's League of Legends balance team, FPX and BRO's glow ups, reactions to a recent Cloud9 documentary piece, the state of the LCS + whether a new format would improve the league, Dom's exasperating experience with passport renewal, and more!Feb 27, 202401:42:21LEC vs LCS: WHICH REGION IS STRONGER?!? / G2 vs Fnatic in the LEC Final?IWDominate, Monte, and dGon discuss whether the LCS or LEC is the stronger League of Legends esprots region, Dom's picks for the final weekend of LEC Playoffs, G2's status as a world-class team, and more!Feb 14, 202401:28:18KC are COOKED / State of the LPL / Who are the BEST ROOKIES this split?IWDominate, Monte, and dGon discuss dGon's appearance on the LCS, the struggles of Karmine Corp, Cloud9, and NRG, the most exciting rookies to watch this split, the state of the LPL, the banger matchup between WBG and TES, and more!Feb 07, 202401:33:57KT and Team Liquid on FRAUD ALERT?!? / LEC Winter Playoffs previewIWDominate, Monte, and dGon discuss LEC denying co-streaming rights, the LCS live patch change, predictions for frauds and dark horses in 2024, whether any team can beat G2 in LEC Winter Playoffs, and more.Jan 31, 202401:22:20THE MOST HYPE TEAMS IN 2024! / GRAVE ERRORS by Karmine CorpseIWDominate, Monte, and dGon share which LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK teams they're most excited for in 2024, give thoughts on the Riot Games layoffs, discuss problems going on with Karmine Corps, revel in the banger matchup between BLG and TES, and more!Jan 24, 202401:19:08World FINALS breakdown / EG and GGS OUT / The most EXCITING roster rumorsWorlds 2023 is over and Power Spike is here to give in-depth analysis on the Finals between T1 and Weibo, as well as where Faker's legacy stands after emerging with his fourth title. With the start of the off-season, there are a host of new roster rumors and signing, so Dom, Dgon, and Monte chat about which are the most and least exciting developments as teams sign their players for 2024. Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians departed the LCS, leaving the league with 8 remaining teams. How big of a deal is it and will we miss these two squads?Nov 25, 202301:34:37T1 or WEIBO: Dom's dilemma / Breaking down JDG's semi-finals performanceThe Worlds semi-finals are over and JDG failed in their quest for the Golden Road after a surprising upset by a surging T1. Power Spike is here to break down the reasons behind JDG's loss, plus provide a preview of their year's grand final between T1 and WBG.Nov 13, 202301:14:18T1 vs JDG: the ULTIMATE Worlds showdown / LCS roster rumors / Worlds semi-finals Teams in the West already appear to be making moves, particularly in the LCS where Cloud9 appears to be assembling a fearsome roster if the rumors are to be believed. What do the Power Spike guys think about the alleged destination of these LCS stars? Worlds brings us a dynamite semi-final match-up between T1 and JDG, and we're here to offer our analysis and predictions. LNG, GenG, NRG, and KT all saw themselves knocked out of the World Championship, so Dom, Dgon, and Monte give their final thoughts on their performances.Nov 07, 202301:29:47NRG leads NA to the BRACKET STAGE / Eulogies for the teams ELIMINATED in SwissNRG successfully upset their European rivals in G2, leading to jubilation from North American fans, which went even further with their best possible draw of Weibo Gaming for their quarter-final match-up. The Power Spike boys are here to discuss if they have an outside shot of making the semi-finals or if there Worlds run ends after their next best-of-five. Dom, dGon, and Monte offer their eulogies to the teams eliminated at the end of the Swiss stage and debate how fraudulent G2's year was after their disappointing finish, losing three best-of-three matches in a row after a hot start.Oct 31, 202301:52:43G2: our ONLY Western hope! / How are the Worlds favorites performing in Swiss? While the West may be having a horrible Worlds thus far, but the shining hope of G2 keeps Europe's dreams alive as the team seems destined for a quarterfinals berth. The remainder of LEC and LCS appears doomed, but has it been uniquely bad in 2023 compared to other World Championships in League of Legends? The Power Spike guys evaluate the performances of the expected power houses after seeing them play for the first time on this patch and discuss whether JDG remains the team to beat in Seoul. Fans may like the new Swiss format, but the worst may be yet to come as we approach the 2-2 matches. It's better than the old groups format, but it could be better still.Oct 25, 202301:28:37Worlds SURPRISES and DISAPPOINTMENTS from Play-Ins / The BEST match-ups in SwissThe Play-Ins stage at the League of Legends World Championship for 2023 had concluded, with Power Spike bringing you the teams and players that impressed and disappointed us. BDS squeaks through at the last possible moment against PSG Talon, but does that mean that Taiwan and PCS' showing this tournament didn't live up to expectations? The post-COVID era seems to have lit a spark under the Vietnamese teams from the VCS with GAM's escape into the Swiss stage serving as a welcome surprise. Looking forward to the next phase of the tournament, the Power Spike boys break down their most anticipated match-ups and which will be one-sided affairs.Oct 16, 202301:12:57WORLDS PREDICTIONS / Does the WEST have a chance? / Which ASIAN team will fail?We make our predictions for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, identifying the favorites as well as dark horses that might have a shot at an upset. While it's easy to write off the LEC and LCS teams, can any squad from the West make a deep run? The strength of Korean and Chinese teams is undeniable, but some of these teams could crash out of the tournament earlier than expected and we're here to tell you which ones are in peril.Oct 06, 202301:32:53FAVORITE moments of 2023 / FRAUDS of the year / TSM leaves LCS foreverPower Spike looks back at the conclusion of regional play for 2023 in this episode, as the guys discuss their favorite moments of the year. Dom, dGon, and Monte finalize their list of the greatest frauds of 2023, a year which saw an uncharacteristic number of super teams fail across regions. They celebrate TSM's departure from the LCS and what the addition of Shopify Rebellion will mean for North America.Oct 01, 202301:14:42EXPECTATIONS for Worlds / Wunder IN at Fnatic / Is Dplus BACK in form?With the teams attending Worlds almost fully determined, the Power Spike boys discuss their expectations for this year's World Championship and the size of the gulf between the West and China/Korea. Oscarinin will have surgery on his hand, which means that Fnatic will field Wunder as a surprise substitute for the remainder of the LEC Season Finals, but is this fair to the other teams competing? Excel displayed strength in the Summer Split and faltered in their attempt at Worlds qualification, and Monte, Dom, and dgon are here to explain why they fell short.Aug 29, 202301:25:28Playoffs FRAUDS? C9, KT, or XL? / T1 still can't WIN / LCS viewership's new LOWFrauds galore in the playoffs of LCK, LCS, and LEC, as Cloud9, KT, and XL all underperform expectations in their various brackets. Who shall become the lord of the frauds this summer? T1 is eaten alive by GenG for the third consecutive time in the LCK finals and Dom's schadenfreude is out of control. LCS Summer 2023 hits a new low for viewership for the league, dropping 40% year over year and 17% from the Spring Split. Is there a way to pull North American League of Legends out of the death spiral or will we continue to witness declining viewership for 2024 as well?Aug 25, 202301:32:00LEC season finals PREVIEW / The WORST LCS playoffs in years / T1 secures top 3After a three week hiatus, LEC returns this week with the start of the season finals and significant expectations that G2 will end the bracket in first place. However, Dom, dgon, and Monte discuss which teams they high key, low key, and no key expect to find success in Europe and qualify for Worlds. Hanwha Life disappointed many by failing to win a game in their last two bo5s, especially resident Viper enthusiast IWillDominate. LCS teams have put up the least predictable and sloppiest playoffs in years, seemingly unable to track summoner cooldowns, predict enemy flanks, or close out games with massive gold leads. Finally, T1's resurgence in the LCK playoffs leaves fans with one question: can they take yet another title?Aug 15, 202301:34:56LPL teams to WORLDS: breaking down the four Chinese teams / NRG on a HEATERLPL finals and regionals have all ended, sending JDG, BLG, LNG, and WBG to the League of Legends World Championship at the end of the year. The guys are here to discuss the Chinese results and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the qualified teams. EG, and maybe even Cloud9, are starting to look a bit fraudulent, even as NRG pulls off back-to-back upsets to lock in a spot for Worlds themselves. LCK All-Pro voting remains underwhelming, with no players outside of KT or GenG making the top two teams. Monte and Dom question the rationale behind the decisions made by the players, coaches, and media who decide these awards and whether they can be trusted in the future.Aug 09, 202301:42:54Is the LEC format a SUCCESS? / Analyzing the LPL's TOP THREE teams / T1 on fireThe LEC Summer Playoffs have ended with an inevitable G2 victory, so Dom, dgon, and Monte break down their win against Excel and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the new LEC format. LPL playoffs continue to roll along, with LNG, JDG, and BLG forming the final three teams remaining in the bracket. They guys discuss all of the banger playoff matches that have occurred in the past week and preview the upcoming series alongside who they think will eventually qualify for Worlds from China. The LCS playoffs have also started, but which teams deserve the most and least excitement?Aug 01, 202302:05:10Which team is the KING OF FRAUDS? / LPL, LEC, LCS playoff predictions / OMG :(With LPL, LEC, and LCS all kicking off their Summer split playoffs, Power Spike is here with predictions for the winners of each region and how competitive they expect each bracket to be. Another year, another crop of disappointing frauds, but who will take the crown of the king of frauds among T1, OMG, FlyQuest, and Vitality? The guys chat about their disappointment with G2 from their match against XL, the one-sided match between KT and GenG, and the thrilling series played by EDG against OMG.Jul 25, 202301:58:57Who can STOP G2 and JDG in playoffs? / Fnatic EXPOSED / Kiin for MVP!Groups have started in Europe with some big upsets, including Fnatic falling to SK and XL upending the MAD Lions. These results and more LEC matches form the core of the discussion for this episode, alongside some choice criticism from Dom for FlyQuest's messaging around their starting roster. Dgon helps Monte craft his "Kiin Campaign" for LCK MVP, as some voters may be swayed by Peyz's fraudulent credentials. JDG and G2 seem like locks to win their respective regions as we race toward the conclusion of the Summer Split, but which teams in LPL and LEC might be able to pull off the upset?Jul 18, 202301:39:10Who are the DARK HORSES to win Summer playoffs? / T1: everything is on FIREDom, dgon, and Monte give their thoughts on Faker being out with an injury and Bengi's sudden departure as the head coach of T1, leaving the team significantly weakened as they enter the LCK's second half of the regular season. The boys debut a new segment, Devoured sponsored by Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, where they discuss how FlyQuest continues to be eaten up by the competition as they finish another LCS week 0-3 and will have a tough road to reach the playoffs. Who are the dark horse teams in each region to win the title? That question and more are answered to round out the episode.Jul 11, 202301:28:23LEC group draw REACTION / Leading MVP candidates in LEC/LCK/LPL/LCSLEC groups have been drawn and Power Spike is here to guide you through the next phase of the tournament. Vitality has been a disappointing super team in spite of the org's many attempts to reinvent the roster over the past two years, but can they still make it to the LEC's season finals? We're at least halfway through the regular season in the major regions, so it's time to discuss which players are leading as MVP candidates in LEC, LPL, LCK, and LCS.Jul 04, 202301:20:05What were the best ROSTER MOVES before Summer? / The West is DOOMED this yearNeither the LCS nor LEC have inspired confidence in fans or analysts that they will be remotely competitive come Worlds this year in Korea, but is it as doomed as it appears? Dom, dgon, and Monte discuss the best and worst roster moves that occurred before the Summer split now that all major regions have seen at least two weeks of play. Flyquest and Vitality both assembled super teams that massively underperformed but which deserves another chance to play and which should be ejected from competition? They finish the episode with discussion of Weibo vs Bilibili and T1 vs KT as the certified bangers of the week.Jun 27, 202301:46:34Predicting WINNERS of LEC, LCK, LCS, and LPL / Which teams are huge DISASTERS?Power Spike is BACK for the Summer Split and they're kicking off with way-too-early predictions for the winners of each of the major regions in League of Legends: LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL! The guys discuss the disappointing start of LCS and the league's low viewership and conclude their thoughts on the player walk-out. Three teams in the major regions are currently winless: DRX, FlyQuest, and XL, but which of these is the most on fire? Finally, they rank how fraudulent Heretics and Team Liquid are despite their undefeated records.Jun 20, 202301:24:08LPL dominates MSI / What went WRONG with T1 and Gen.G?MSI ends with LPL dominance, and Dom is absolutely loving it. How did the Chinese teams, especially BLG, defy expectations to easy handle T1 and Gen.G? News has dropped that TSM is seeking to leave LCS, so the Power Spike crew discuss the impact of the team's possible departure and legacy in North America. To add to the trouble, LCS players may stage a walk-out in support of the academy players that have been dropped from their rosters and miss the first games of the LCS season...May 26, 202301:21:43T1 and JDG ON TOP at MSI / Riot removes NACL / Were MAD Lions FRAUDS?T1 and JDG advance to the winner's bracket at MSI while Golden Guardians and MAD Lions are eliminated first in the bracket. Given their arrival as LEC champions and the top seed from Europe, just how fraudulent was MAD Lions' performance in London?May 14, 202301:44:13Success for the WEST internationally / Golden Guardians power-up / MSI Play-InsPlay-Ins have finished for MSI with expected, yet still exciting, results! Golden Guardians reached a new level of performance, and the Power Spike boys are here to explain how they've improved since their LCS run. BLG and G2 rip through their playoff brackets, while Loud and R7 exceed expectations for their regions. Dgon, Dom, and Monte discuss the match-ups they are most anticipating in the playoff bracket and their analysis of the BLG vs GG match!May 07, 202301:27:45LEC finals BREAKDOWN / MSI groups / EG KILLS their roster/ Dissecting VitalityMSI groups have been drawn, but how will they play out? LEC finals have concluded with MAD Lions regaining the title with a closely fought series against BDS, and the Power Spike boys break down how they managed to take another crown. Riot can't seem to maintain their own website or announce event schedules in a timely fashion, and it's about time they got it together. Vitality once again fails to reach expectations, but how do you fix such a loaded roster? EG appears to be ditching the majority of their championship core, which raises questions about the continued downfall of NA and the LCS.Apr 25, 202301:50:32MSI PREVIEW and picking the favorites / AGAIN VITALITY?! / Bjergsen's LEGACYBjergsen's retirement sparks a conversation about his legacy, his future, and whether he gave 100 Thieves enough notice in order to find a new mid-laner for the summer split. MAD Lions might qualify automatically for MSI with a G2 win in the spring playoffs. Is this fair and would we rather keep or kick Vitality or MAD? Finally, the Power Spike crew previews the revamped MSI and picks the teams that make them most excited before finishing with a review of the LPL finals between JDG and BLG.Apr 18, 202301:34:55Global playoff BREAKDOWN / TSM for SALE?! / Who can defeat T1?TOP, Evil Geniuses, and Hanwha Life were all eliminated from their regional playoffs this week, but which team was the biggest FRAUD? The Power Spike crew discusses the recent budget cuts at TSM followed by their analysis of the ongoing LCS playoffs and why they think Cloud9 will win another title. Either KT or GenG will fail to make MSI, but which one is more deserving of competing in London? Finally, our certified banger is the best-of-five between T1 and GenG as the former advanced to the LCK finals.Apr 04, 202301:52:56KEEP or KICK Fnatic or KOI? / 100T bombs out of playoffs / LPL teams to watchWe start this week's episode with the Certified Banger that was the five game series between T1 and KT, focusing on each team's performance and whether the fifth game loss could be chalked up to Cuzz's Xin Zhao play. Monte gloats over his correct prediction regarding 100 Thieves' playoff performance and responds to fan comments from last week before the whole crew discusses their LCS playoff predictions. LEC becomes the focus as Heretics and Excel fail to make the next stage of the Spring split with some surprises as BDS and Astralis top the standings. Finally, Dom, Monte, and dgon chat about which teams excite them most in the LPL playoffs.Mar 28, 202301:38:45PREVIEW of LCS Playoffs / Which LEC teams will be ELIMINATED before groups?This week's Power Spike takes an in-depth look at LCS playoffs, including the up-and-down performances of teams like FlyQuest and Evil Geniuses and whether or not 100 Thieves are a post-season threat. The crew reacts to Fnatic's surprising comeback performance in week two as well as Vitality's stumbles. They answer the question: which two LEC teams will suffer an early exit in the Spring Split?Mar 21, 202301:32:51Vitality Upset's REVENGE on Fnatic / Creating and ALL-WORLD rosterPower Spike features hosts Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera, Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, and Daniel "Dgon" Gonzales in a segment-based talk show discussing global League of Legends.Mar 14, 202301:35:40RANKING the World's best teams before playoffs / Do 100T need roster moves?Power rankings hit Power Spike as Dom, Monte, and Dgon curate a list of the top 10 teams worldwide prior to the start of the Spring split playoffs. The hosts also dive into the issues surrounding Danny and his struggles at the hands of the Evil Geniuses executives, with further discussion about many people in the industry being unable to hold Nicole Lapointe Jameson responsible as EG's CEO. 100 Thieves' struggles also go under the microscope as Bjergsen and Doublelift lead a disappointing roster and JDG vs OMG is certified as the "Banger of the Week."Mar 07, 202301:28:25How would G2 stack up against the WORLD'S BEST? / Most fun dumpster fire teamsThe LEC Winter Playoffs conclude and the Power Spike team is here to break down the matches and provide their final opinions on all the participating teams. Now that G2 have won the split and qualified for MSI, how would they fare against the current best teams in LPL and LCK? Most people rank T1 as the best team in the world right now, but do they deserve that spot and are they unbeatable? Dom, Dgon, and Monte all pick a roster move from the off-season that they would now undo as well as picking the dumpster fire teams that they are most and least excited to watch for the rest of Spring.Feb 28, 202301:51:27What makes G2's WEIRD drafts successful? / MVP PREDICTIONS for each leagueThe Power Spike crew give their quick reactions to the KOI vs G2 match minutes after it finishes, including discussing the reasons that G2's unorthodox drafts continue to see success in the LEC. They diagnose the issues with Vitality and suggest changes to the team before switching to a conversation about the leading candidates for MVP in LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK. Moving beyond MVP to some of the most surprising positive performers in global League of Legends, the boys select the players they are most excited to see exceed their pre-season expectations. The show concludes with a breakdown of the T1 vs GenG series in LCK, which featured two of the best teams in the world in a tightly-contested series.Feb 21, 202302:06:44Which LoL team is the biggest FRAUD world-wide? / Vitality's bot lane problemsThis week's show opens with a discussion about the most fraudulent teams in League of Legends world-wide, including iG, Vitality, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and Liiv Sandbox. The focus shifts to the surprising upset of the LEC Winter group stage as Vitality falls to KOI, which demands scrutiny for the poor play of Neon and Kaiser. Which teams with two losses or fewer are truly among the world's best? The guys break down the teams with promising starts to the 2023 season that they are most excited to watch for the rest of the split.Feb 14, 202301:28:45Good riddance to Fnatic! / Was the LCS broadcast OUT OF LINE with Doublelift?Drama strikes the LCS as the broadcast tries to hype up the match between TSM and 100 Thieves, but the segment falls short and Dom, Monte, and dGon are here to discuss why. LEC group stage begins with the new format and the boys talk about which teams are the most exciting while also breaking down Fnatic's disappointing elimination from the Winter Split. JDG continues to look like an international contender and Ruler's insane performance gives their match vs NIP the status of Banger of the Week!Feb 07, 202301:11:27
Can the LCS be SAVED? / New Fearless Draft is AMAZING by Power Spike (2024)
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