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aka: Crazy Taxi 3, Crazy Taxi: High Roller

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2002 on Xbox
169 people
Releases by Date (by platform)
  • 2002 (Xbox)
  • 2003 (Arcade)
  • 2004 (Windows)
  • SEGA Europe Ltd.
  • SEGA of America, Inc.
  • SEGA Corporation
  • Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.
  • Akella
  • Hitmaker
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#17,236 of 24.6K
63% (38)
Review Ranking
  • #504 on Xbox
  • #7,253 on Windows
Collected By
75 players
Racing / Driving
3rd-person (Other)
Behind view
Vehicle simulator

Xbox Specs

ESRB Rating
Number of Offline Players
1 Player
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Included in

  • Bomba Hry: Richard Burns Rally / Crazy Taxi 3 (2011)
  • Závodní hry (2007)

Description official descriptions

Crazy Taxi 3 serves up more of the classic gameplay that made the series so popular on the Dreamcast. High Roller takes place in "Glitter Oasis" which is modeled after Las Vegas. You take the roll as one of 4 new drivers and you must try to deliver as many customers as possible to collect huge fares.

Crazy Taxi 3 also includes reworked versions of the original 2 levels from Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 -- West Coast and Small Apple each with their respective drivers. Also included is Crazy X mode in which you play through a slew of minigames for when you don't feel like tackling the main game.


  • Crazy Taxi 3: Безумный Таксист - Russian spelling
  • クレイジータクシー3 ハイローラー - Japanese spelling
  • 疯狂出租车3 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

Groups +

  • Console Generation Exclusives: Xbox
  • Crazy Taxi series
  • Gameplay feature: Licensed restaurant / café / store / etc.
  • Genre: Open world driving
  • Middleware: CRI
  • Protagonist: Female (option)
  • Protagonist: Taxi driver



Credits (Xbox version)

169 People (135 developers, 34 thanks) · View all

Chief Graphic Designer
  • Takeo Iwase
Graphic Designers
  • Kyoshi Ieizumi
  • Hiroyuki Izuno
  • Seiichi Yamagata
  • Satoru Okano
  • Sachio Hatayama
  • Shinsuke Miyamura
  • Taku Sato
  • Harumi Azuma
  • Mizuki Totori
  • Takaomi Hirono
  • Yosh*tane Sakamoto
  • Rie Sakurai
  • Wataru Sakomura
Chief Programmer
  • Masaaki Ito
  • Toshikazu Goi
  • Yoshio Hirasawa
  • Takashi Yamada
  • Takahiro Naka
Technical Supervisor
  • Yoshihiro Sonoda
Technical Support
  • Masaki Miyash*ta
  • Yoshimasa Hayashida
Sound Supervisor
  • Takeshi Isozaki
  • Kevin Miller (Angel)
  • David Nowlin (Bixbite)
[ full credits ]



Average score: 63% (based on 38 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 24 ratings with 1 reviews)

A new, but very old game.

The Good
They brought back the first two levels from the old Crazy Taxi games, (S.F. and N.Y.). Four new drivers were a welcomed change and the Crazy X mode is totally tricked out! And that's if you don't feel like playing the main game.

The Bad
They kept most of the old music, which really sucks because I only like 1 song total out of all of them. Plus, there is no secret characters or levels to unlock and no real storyline to the game except for getting the customer from point A to point B which is getting really old.

The Bottom Line
A total waste of money! Only buy if you loved the first tow installments of Crazy Taxi or if your going to be a cab driver when you grow up.

Xbox · by Exodia85 (2145) · 2003


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  • MobyGames ID: 7033
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Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller (2002) - MobyGames (2024)


How do you drive faster in Crazy Taxi? ›

Just as you can gain extra speed by doing the Limiter Cut before the speed burst from the Crazy Dash ends, you can gain even more speed by executing a Limiter Cut before the speed burst of the previous Limiter Cut ends!

How do you boost Crazy Taxi Arcade? ›

Crazy Dash

The easiest way to pull this one off is to hit both Drive and the accelerator at the same time while in motion. This is one of the most useful moves in the game, and should be used at all times to keep your speed up.

How do you get a good score on Crazy Taxi? ›

Through the loop

Like Burnout, Crazy Taxi awards you for near misses. You'll get tips in dollars for every 'Crazy Through' you pull off, and this will multiply with each consecutive near miss. If you really want a high score, try not to crash during each customer's ride.

How to download Crazy Taxi? ›

How to Download and Play Crazy Taxi Classic on PC
  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for Crazy Taxi Classic in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install Crazy Taxi Classic from the search results.
  4. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Crazy Taxi Classic.
Dec 7, 2020

Which Crazy Taxi version is best? ›

I think the Gamecube and PS2 versions kept the original tunes, but don't quote me on that. Plus, I seem to remember some technical issues when playing the PS2 version. But, they all pale in comparison to the energy and fun of the original soundtrack. The Dreamcast is definitely the best way to play the game.

What is the point of Crazy Taxi? ›

In Crazy Taxi players are tasked with earning fares by taking customers to destinations as quickly as possible. The main objective of the game is to pick up customers and take them to their chosen destination as quickly as possible.

Can you beat Crazy Taxi? ›

You can't "beat" the game, aside from getting enough money to trigger the credits, but there's no upper limit to how much you can earn. But yes, surviving long enough to get the credits can be challenging until you master drifting and figure out the best routes to take.

What do the different colors mean in Crazy Taxi? ›

Green means long distance, yellow means mid range and red means short distance. The longer the distance, the more money the player can earn. There is a time limit when driving each customer to the destination. If the time limit expires before reaching the destination, the customer will jump out of the cab.

How to reverse in crazy taxi? ›

When playing either of these games and pressing the B/Circle button, it brings up the pause menu as well as registering the respective action. For example, if I want to reverse in Crazy Taxi, I press B which puts it in reverse but also brings up the pause menu.

How do you unlock the bike in Crazy Taxi? ›

At the character select screen hit the L and R buttons three times quickly. You will now be able to drive a fast taxi bike. If you can't get this trick to work -- you can also gain access to the bike once you beat all Crazy Box challenges. Simply press Up at the select screen to get it.

Can you pick up multiple people in Crazy Taxi? ›

Crazy Taxi 2 introduces being to pick up multiple passengers. This does not mean you can pick someone up and on the way to their destination you can pick up another customer. This simply means that you can pick up from two to four people at the same time and take each of them to their different destinations.

How do you get combos in Crazy Taxi? ›

To do a Crazy Combo do a Crazy Through and the a Crazy Drift right after. This is hard in area's with a lot of traffic so try it on area's with less traffic like the hills or the beach. Crazy BackDash: Perform a Crazy Dash and then slam it into Reverse.

What car is in Crazy Taxi? ›

Axel's cab is an 1960 Cadillac Eldorado. It's "generically good" in nearly all respects.

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