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Nose Cleaner Owner’s Manual Model SDG-2 Breathe Better Now™ 1 Clean Nose, Healthy Life!™ Better Than a Neti Pot™

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THANK YOU! Thank you for purchasing the Naväge® Nose Cleaner. You’re about to experience the world’s first self-contained nasal irrigator with gentle suction. It's a game changer because it makes rinsing your nose convenient and neat. You can do it fully clothed and it’s as simple as brushing your teeth. Best of all, Naväge provides a cleaner nose than ever before and fast relief from sinus congestion – without drugs! Clean nose, healthy life!® IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE To ensure the use of correctly balanced saline and to prevent stinging and burning, the Nose Cleaner only operates when used...

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First, relax and know these three things... 1. Learning to use Naväge is like learning to ride a bicycle: some people get it right away and others need some practice. Stick with it, because once you’ve got it, you’ve got it forever! 2. Naväge is a pleasant experience! It feels good to rinse your nose with warm, soothing saline. 3. There’s nothing to fear. Millions practice nasal irrigation daily. Relax and enjoy – you’re on your way to better breathing and better health! Assemble the Naväge Nose Cleaner • Observe the directional lock-unlock icons on the upper and lower tanks, and twist off...

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Step by Step Instructions Important Operating Notices • Add water before using! Saline nasal irrigation requires the correct balance of water and salt to prevent stinging and burning. Naväge does it automatically: one SaltPod + one tankful of water! • The Naväge Nose Cleaner only operates with a new, unused SaltPod. Without a new SaltPod, the power button cannot be pushed in and the motor won’t turn on. Once you open the lid (after having closed it on a new SaltPod), the power button will no longer work with that particular SaltPod – even if you re-close the lid. • This is critical: after...

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12. Release the button and remove the pillows. Most users still have a little saline in their nose. Gently blow your nose. Some users find it helpful to wait a minute or two and then gently blow their nose again. Protip: You can clear excess saline from your nasal passages by bending at the waist with your head low, and very gently blowing your nose while tilting your head from side to side. 13. Twist the bottom tank off and pour out the used saline. Clean your device following the cleaning instructions below. Problem: Nothing happens, or saline goes down the back of the throat. Making your...

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Hand wash only. The Naväge Nose Cleaner is not dishwasher safe. Exposing the tanks to dishwasher heat may warp them and prevent them from sealing to the center module. Cleaning the Nose Cleaner in a dishwasher voids the warranty. Rinse the underside of the lid where it says, “Rinse here before & after use.” The upper tank drain and drainpipe can be cleaned by lifting the drain pull (see page 2) and running a cleaning rinse through them. Protip: Clear excess saline from the center module after use by shaking it over a sink, nose pillows pointed down. This will help dry it between uses. If...

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Getting the most out of your Naväge Nose Cleaner How Often Should I Irrigate? We believe nasal hygiene will be to the 21st century what oral hygiene was to the 20th, and that cleaning your nose is as important as brushing your teeth. (Saline nasal irrigation is already the standard of care for treating the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies in the United States and Canada!) We suggest you use Naväge twice a day at the same time that you brush your teeth. However, it’s safe to use as often as is comfortable for you. Find out for yourself: use it twice a day for a couple of weeks and see how...

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Replacement Parts Go to for replacement parts and cool accessories like travel cases and drying racks. Support and Feedback Visit for support, how-to videos, special offers, info about recycling and sustainability, and much more. For the latest on Naväge, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or join our email list. We value your insights. Please share your comments at Intellectual Property The Naväge Nose Cleaner and SaltPods are protected worldwide by issued and pending patents. See for country-specific patent notices. Naväge®, SaltPod®,...

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Do doctors recommend Naväge? ›

Often referred to as 'Nature's Decongestant', the Naväge nasal hygiene system is promoted by doctors who specialize in the field. According to Dr. Howard Levine, “Nasal irrigation is clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion safely and effectively without drugs.

Is it okay to use tap water in Naväge? ›

New User Water Tip

It should be lukewarm to the touch and not hotter than about 85°– 90°F (29°– 32°C). WARNING: DO NOT USE TAP WATER UNLESS STERILIZED BY BOILING.

How many times a day can you use the Naväge? ›

You can use the Naväge Nose Cleaner as often as you wish! We suggest you use Naväge twice a day, just like brushing your teeth. However, Naväge is completely natural and drug-free, and health professionals agree that it's safe to use as often as needed or wanted.

Why does my Naväge keep going down my throat? ›

If you are pushing too hard and one of the pillow tips gets blocked against the nasal wall, then the suction will decrease or stop, and you may get water down your throat, slow flow, or no flow at all. That's why you should try backing off a little.

What works better than Navage? ›

SinuPulse is engineered to deliver a mean flow rate of 600 ml/min or more at the maximum setting and can deliver nearly 24 oz in approximately one minute 3X greater than other methods including Navage. The SinuPulse is fully adjustable to control both water flow and pressure for individual comfort.

Is Navage better than a squeeze bottle? ›

The Navage is far superior to a neti pot due to its power and will review well every time because of that. Take that into account before you get excited about the prospect of a new and much better-powered machine. Pros: *The Navage works as well, if not better, than other powered machines, because of the suction.

What are the negatives of Navage? ›

The underlying problem is that viruses and bacteria from your nose may be transferred to the device, under the right circ*mstances of temperature and humidity, the germs may colonize and then be reintroduced into the nose upon subsequent use.

What are the side effects of a sinus rinse? ›

When nasal rinses are done properly, the side effects, if any, are typically minor and temporary. The most common issues resulting from a nasal rinse are a burning or stinging sensation in the nose and mild irritation in the nasal passages.

Can your nose be too clogged for Navage? ›

If you are extremely congested, space is limited in the nasal cavity and irrigating will be slow at first. You may need to start and stop a few times to loosen the mucus and break up the congestion.

Can two people share a Naväge? ›

The Naväge Nose Cleaner is engineered so the “before-rinse” (clean saline) and the “after-rinse” (waste saline) never touch. This makes the risk of spreading germs from one user to another relatively low. That said, the best practice hygienically is for each user to have his or her own device.

Why do I feel more congested after a sinus rinse? ›

Your congestion can feel worse after a sinus rinse if you use only water rather than the saline solution. It can cause swelling in the nasal passages, making symptoms worse. Water from the neti pot can get stuck in your sinuses if you don't tilt your head correctly.

Does Naväge get rid of phlegm? ›

Easier than a Neti Pot, Naväge helps suck out mucus, allergens, dirt, and germs so you can breathe easier and sleep better– without drugs.

What happens if saline nasal drop goes down your throat? ›

If nasal spray goes down your throat, it's typically safe and unlikely to cause lasting harm. Symptoms like a bitter taste, mild throat irritation, or dryness may temporarily occur, but they tend to resolve without treatment.

Do doctors recommend sinus rinse? ›

If the rinse is helping, you can irrigate your nose up to three times a day. But nasal rinses should not be used as a preventive measure when you don't have symptoms. It won't prevent sinus issues and can cause infections to develop.

What are the side effects of nasal irrigation? ›

Neti pots are a popular nasal irrigation device that can help relieve stuffy or irritated nasal passages. It's generally safe to use and may only cause minor side effects like stinging and burning.

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