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Theory of the Degrees in Astrology

What Do Degrees In Astrology Mean? | Secrets Of The Natal Charts - AstroNiki (1)

The degrees in astrology mean a whole lot of things. If you can read your chart, you can use the theory of degrees with ease.

The theory of degrees belongs to the famous Serbian astrologer, the late Nikola Stojanovic.If I am not mistaken, he was the first to figure out what astrology degrees mean.Including the meaning of the planetary degrees as well as the degrees of house cups/angles.

However, the theory is very simple, and even a beginner can easily understand it. First, you need to know the order of the 12 Zodiac Signs and their fundamental qualities/domains.

Degrees in the natal chart

Each Zodiac Sign starts from 0 degree until 29thdegree.

For example, the sign of Taurus starts at 0 degree until the 29thdegree, then the 0 degrees of Gemini follows it.

Every degree belongs to one Zodiac Sign, or better to say, and every degree carries the energy of a particular Zodiac sign. So it can be an adjective, can be a place where the sign rules, it can mean a “how,” etc.

You can give additional meaning to every planet with the degree theory.

Let’s say you have Venus in Taurus at the 11thdegree. You can interpret Venus in Taurus, the house position, and the aspects it has. Once you know that the 11thdegree is the Aquarius degree -because Aquarius is the 11thsign – you can add additional meaning to that Venus in Taurus. Add Aquarius qualities.

You can add additional meaning to house cusps too.

Example No. 1: Someone’s MC is at the 23rddegree: This is the highest point in the natal chart and can indicate an astrologer, a scientist working with high technology, or any of the other Aquarius domains, or having a fast development when it comes to career- again Aquarius domain.

Example No 2.: For example, the 7th house cusps- talks about the marriage and the spouse-if it falls at the 11thdegree, it’s an indication that a friend introduces the native to the spouse or goes on a blind date. (Just add Aquarius domains, such as friends, or meeting in a large social setting.) .According to Nikola’s degree theory, the Aquarius degree can indicate a divorce too, because Aquarius rules liberation too.

Or it might mean that the spouse is different in some way- Aquarius = being different. For example, the spouse is from a different continent, from another race, different religious background, etc.

Example No. 3.: If the 7th house cusp- spouse and marriage- is at the 13thdegree. It can indicate that a spouse will be an athlete- as Aries rules sports and athletes.Therefore, the 13th degree is the Aries (sportive, being an athlete) degree.

What degrees in astrology mean:

You can check below which Zodiac sign’s energy/quality is represented by each astrological degree. These are the essential qualities to add. If you are familiar with the Zodiac Signs domains, you can add them too.

Degrees 0-29

0 degree: Every 0 degree is like a double whammy of each sign. Interpret it as it doubles the energy of the Zodiac sign, where it is. (I.e., 0 degrees of Gemini, it is like a double Gemini energy.)

0 degree indicates a fresh start, new karma, and new adventure. It is also considered a critical degree.

The 0 degree in astrology

1, 13, 25 degrees: Aries degree: gives Aries qualities: being bold, brave, pioneer, impulsive, fast, initiative, fights, sports, physical activity, entrepreneur, self-starter, hot places, head, rush into things, impatient, masculine energy.

The meaning of the 1st degree

The meaning of the 13th degree

The meaning of the 25th degree

2, 14, 26 degrees: Taurus degrees: beauty, being stubborn, nature, simple pleasures, money, material possessions, being practical, stable, throat, vocal cords, finances, wealthy people, luxurious materials, simplicity.

The meaning of the 2nd degree

The meaning of the 14th degree

The meaning of the 26th degree

3, 15, 27: Gemini degrees: communication of all sorts, being witty, curious, all sorts of business, friends, teammates, siblings, local community, leaning, skill, hands, shoulder, social media, advertising, neighborhood, streets.

The meaning of the 3rd degree

The meaning of the 15th degree

The meaning of the 27th degree

4, 16, 28: Cancer degree: home, mother, emotions, taking care of something/someone, nurturing, protecting, stomach, breast, land, homeland, home country, tribe, sheltering, real estate.

The meaning of the 4th degree

The meaning of the 16th degree

The meaning of the 28th degree

5, 17, 29: Leo Degrees: being a leader, proud, charismatic, restaurant, sunny places, holidays, having an audience, followers, high school, creative, being in the spotlight, heart and spine, performance, being on stage, politician, personal kingdom.

The meaning of the 5th degree

The meaning of the 17th degree

The meaning of the 29th degree

6, 18: Virgo degree: work, workplace, service, being critical, analytical, organized, health issues, office, unstable situations, pets, medical field, digestive system, purification, people with issues, debt, diet, daily routine.

The meaning of the 6th degree

The meaning of the 18th degree

You can read more about the 22nd and 18th degrees here.

Ascendant at the 18th degree in the natal chart

Sun at 18th degree

7, 19: Libra degree: are one-on-one relationships, contractual relationships, marriage, business partnerships, harmony, balance, beauty, fashion, arts, negotiating, making deals, making compromises, lawyer, judge, peace, being cultured/well-mannered,elegance, and being diplomatic, having a good taste/tasteful.

The meaning of the 7th degree

The meaning of the 19th degree

8, 20: Scorpio degree: transformation, psychology, death and rebirth, occult, black magic, depth, being intense, jealousy, secrets, intimacy, strategy planer, other people’s money, and resources, obsession, being mysterious and sexy, being suspicious, intense, having an obsession with something, being deep in that topic, strategy, reproductive organs.

The meaning of the 8th degree

The meaning of the 20th degree

9, 21: Sagittarius degree: study, high education, philosophy, foreign matters, travel, good fortune, abundance, religion, morals, teaching, preaching, and being optimistic, freedom, foreign country, horse riding, university, being blunt and direct, hips, thighs, and liver.

The meaning of the 9th degree

The meaning of the 21st degree

10, 22: Capricorn degree: hard work, career achievements, worldly achievements, obstacles, hardships, delays, being mature, maturation, authority figures, reputation, step-by-step development, being materialistic, and security conscious, success, prestige, delays, obstacles, karmic difficulties, responsibilities, cold places, mountains, authority, bones, skin, knees.

The meaning of the 10th degree

The meaning of the 22nd degree.

The positive manifestation of the 22nd-degree+ examples

11, 23: Aquarius degree: friends, a large group of people, liberating, the liberation of some sort being inventive, technology, something unusual, fast development, circulation, humanitarian, scientific mind, ankles, and nerves, large systems, network, friends, sudden development, goals and gains, nerves, and the brain. Science, scientists, freedom, economy, revolution, being unusual, future, and social movements.

The meaning of the 11th degree

The meaning of the 23rd degree

12, 24: Pisces degree: spirituality, ocean,dreams, sleepingfantasy, imagination, movie industry, illusion, delusion, fog, overseas or faraway places, praying, angels, secluded or isolated places, psychic, savior mentality, addiction, mental issues, music, being mystical, compassion, spas, hospital, prison, magical, being lost, and lymph system.

The meaning of the 12th degree

The meaning of the 24th degree

The 12th degree in Capricorn | Big wealth?

Planets with keywords to use with the degrees:

Sun: ego, kingdom, career, mission in life, career goals, where the native shines, being a leader, vocation,

Moon: emotions, home, inner dialogue, mother of the native, imagination, intuition, family

Mercury: communication, business, selling, advertising, social media, speaking writing, commuting, local community

Venus: love and relationships, money, all the pleasures and finer things of life, art, design, women

Mars: fighting for something, drive, motivation, competition, sport, sexual energy, war, fights, innovations, being a self-starter, entrepreneur, strategy

Jupiter: belief system, meaning of life, studying, children, husband, wealth and prosperity, good fortune, adventures, good karma, expansion, opportunities, foreign matters

Saturn: structure, organization, government, hard work, consistent effort, institutions, authority figures, obstacles and boundaries, delays, senior people, restriction

Uranus: technology, liberation, flashes of ideas and inspiration, innovation, shocking and surprising, future, breaking traditions, social movements, modernizing

Neptune: Illusions, fog, mystical, magical manifestation, miracles, fantasy, imagination, compassion, spirituality, dissolution of something, lies, sensitivity

Pluto: psychological transformation, hidden power, power struggles, deep therapeutical healing, crisis, emergency, secrets, psychology, treasures from under the ground

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