Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Gift Guide (2024)

1. Villager Furniture Gifts - Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

  • Villagers sometimes ask what furniture to give to another villager as a request, giving the player three options to pick from.

  • Villagers sometimes ask what furniture to give to another villager as a request, giving the player three options to pick from. The three options are randomly selected from different groups, based on the villager receiving the gift. The outcome of rewards is not linked to whether the villager likes the item or not. You will still receive the same rewards if you give a non-favorited item. The lists below show the possible gift options for each group of villager receiving the gift:

2. Gift - Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki - Fandom

  • Giving Gifts to Friends · List of Gifts

  • Gifts are in-game items that can be sent to players on your Friends list. You can send gifts by tapping the Gift button under Social and selecting the friend whom you'd like to receive the gift. You can only send a gift to the same friend 1 times per day. Gifts with names ending in "gift+" require that you have sent or received a total of 5, 10, or 30 gifts to the recipient before you can send that gift. When a gift arrives to you from a friend, a mark will appear on the Social button at the bot

3. Category:Gifts - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki

4. Party Gift+ - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki

  • 30 mei 2024 · This item is only for sending to friends. Only the friend you send this item to can open it. Gift Contents. This gift is guaranteed to contain.

  • No longer obtainable.

5. Getting Started | Nintendo - Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

6. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide - How to Send Gifts - VG247

  • 5 dec 2017 · This Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need. Our beginner's guide includes the best ways to earn ...

  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a brand-new mobile/smartphone spin-off of the Animal Crossing series. With Animal Crossing Pocket Camp finally out in the wild...

7. How to Obtain Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Special Items in ...

  • If you play the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game on your smart device (iOS or Android), you can obtain special in-game items that can be used in Animal ...

  • スマートフォン向けアプリ『どうぶつの森 ポケットキャンプ』をプレイしていると、 Nintendo Switch専用ソフト『あつまれ どうぶつの森』で使えるスペシャルアイテムが手に入ります。

8. How to Get Pocket Camp Items | ACNH - Animal Crossing - Game8

  • 1 jun 2022 · You can get special DLC Pocket Camp items in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)! For this, you'll need to have the Animal Crossing Pocket ...

  • You can get special DLC Pocket Camp items in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)! For this, you'll need to have the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app on your island. You'll then get a redeem code from the app to punch in on your Switch eShop. Once complete, you can order the items from Nook Shopping!

9. Get items from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in New Horizons now

  • 20 mrt 2020 · Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped ...

  • Give me that Fortune Cookie cart right now

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Gift Guide (2024)


How to get more gifts on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

How to Obtain Gifts. You can obtain gifts by completing requests from animals and participating in various events. You can also obtain gifts when you listen to your camp caretaker's reports. Additional gifts may be received through Events, log-in Bonuses, or Gulliver islands.

What rare animals are in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

The rarest fish in the game are two ocean creatures: king olive flounder and king red snapper. These are also the largest fish in the game, so it's hard to miss them. Other rare fish include tiger prawn, ribbon eel, ocean sunfish, shark, and blue marlin.

How do you get special items from Pocket Camp to New Horizons? ›

Once you have downloaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and linked your Nintendo Account, open the My Nintendo screen via the in-game menu. Locate the reward called Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Order Ticket + 50 Leaf Tickets. Select this reward in order to redeem your in-game items.

Why is Pocket Camp better than ACNH? ›

But here are a few reasons additional reason why in some ways I like PC more: I have much better furniture in PC. I underestimated the amount of time it would take to build up my inventory in NH. I like seeing and collecting all of the characters in PC as opposed to see the same animals every day in NH.

How do you get more items in Pocket Camp? ›

Once the DLC is updated, start New Horizons, and visit the Nook Stop Shop terminal at Resident Services, and you will see a new tab in the shopping menu, where you will find new items that are Pocket Camp themed, as well as a hat and t-shirt.

How do you get more presents in Animal Crossing? ›

According to the tests, the balloon presents will always spawn in the sea out of view on times ending in :_4 and :_9, and will then reach the island by :_5 and :10. In order to ensure these balloons spawn, you need to enter and leave certain buildings - like Nook's Cranny or the Museum - by :_3 and :_8.

What is the hardest animal to get in Animal Crossing? ›

1 Coelacanth

The difference between being a new player and a resident Animal Crossing expert is likely the existence of a Coelacanth in your museum. This ancient beast of a fish can actually be found all year round, but that doesn't make it any less difficult to catch.

What is the rarest person in Animal Crossing? ›

Octopus villagers are considered the rarest in the franchise, with only five of them available.

What is the Pocket Camp bonus in Animal Crossing? ›

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp bonus

In the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game for mobile devices, you can get 50 Leaf Tickets for use in the game! Leaf Tickets can be used for crafting, getting special items, sprucing up your campsite, and more.

Can you transfer Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

If your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp save data has been linked to your Nintendo Account, you can transfer it to a new smart device.

Why is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp shutting down? ›

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is shutting down in Belgium due to loot box regulations. 5 years ago Justin. Nintendo is shutting down two of their mobile games, including Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, in Belgium later this year and loot box regulations appear to be the culprit.

Can you have a house in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

The cabin is a location in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that the player can customize, similar to the player's house in the main series games. After the player achieves a high enough friendship level with a villager, villagers can be invited to stay in the cabin, where they will interact with the items displayed.

What is the highest friendship level in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

Bells, craft materials, or friendship rewards specific to each villager. The max friendship level that can be reached with a villager is 70.

How do you get more villagers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

Invite to Campsite

A player can invite villagers to his or her campsite after achieving a high enough friendship level and crafting all of that villager's desired furniture, which can be viewed by going to Contacts and tapping the villager's portrait.

How do you get 30 slots in Animal Crossing? ›

Access this shop and you'll find that one of the items for sale is called Pocket Organization Guide, which will set you back 5000 Nook Miles. This is the first of two inventory upgrades in Nook Miles and will upgrade your inventory from 20 slots to 30.

How many times can you give gifts in Animal Crossing? ›

Gifting is the act of giving your villagers presents. This can be done once daily, and is the primary way of raising friendship once the interaction for gifting has been unlocked.

How do you get more Gyroidites in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? ›

Once the player begins collecting gyroidites, new gyroidites will appear over time. When playing continuously in locations where gyroidites can appear, 1 x new gyroidite will re-appear at a random location every 4 minutes. Once there are 18 x uncollected gyroidites, no new gyroidites will appear.

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